wednesday wishes.

i actually pulled out all of my holiday decorations today! its not even thanksgiving yet, but this is probably going to be the most exciting christmas so far! conrad is 2 and totally knows whats up and that inside that pretty paper are toys and cool stuff! lol so ive got a few etsy finds that are on my decor wishlist! I have decided that this year I'm going to start collecting nutcrackers of all shapes, sizes and origins!

My nutcracker collection was featured on the Etsy Storque!

this beautiful felt banner/garland from Monkey Puzzle LOVVVVVE IT!

im set on knowing that i will forever be a kid, and a dream of mine is to have a photobooth in my house! a vintage one would be swell! this one is drool worthy.

A tree house for big kids, and of course the little kids too. id live in a tree house. straight up. this is dreamy.

xB san diego show

and last but not least, my dream car.. that i will have hopefully sometime next year!


  1. oh wow! I wish i could drink tea and eat cookies at this tree house! It's s lovely!


  2. oh oh oh! I Saw a huge display of Nutcrackers at the store the other day and thought the same thing about starting a collection! They dont SCREAM Christmas...which I like. Straight up. LOL

  3. exactly april! they have a certain charm to them!