color obsession

im studying off and on to become a graphic and web designer. I say off and on because throw a baby in there and moving around and you have complete chaos haha. I started teaching myself HTML and photoshop when i was in elementary and jr high. I kid you not, I was a nerd. I learned by making web sites dedicated to my favorite boy bands like Nsync. Wow, HUGE skeleton just came out of the closet. I was way, way TOO into Nsync at one point in my life. But that's another story. lol


Ever since I began working to be an artist and designer I have been obsessed with color and color combinations ridiculous patterns and textures. Not just, oh that's a pretty color, but taking a picture and dwelling on that color all day and incorporating it into everything I make that week and everything I wear and buy. Unconsciously I will buy and wear only clothes and jewelry in that color. It's funny, once I realized I did this. BUT I guess its a very useful tool being in a creative field. I live and breathe color and textures. In my opinion the color palette of a design, fashion line, room or art piece is what gives the biggest impact.

I love going to thrift stores, flea markets and old houses specifically to check out what old things I can find and their colors! The 40's-60's hold a special place in my heart when it comes to colors and patterns. The burnt oranges & yellows. The pea greens and baby blues. The baby pinks and turquoise. Since the first time I saw The Life Aquatic, The Royal Tennenbaum's and The Darjeeling Limited I was hooked on those color palettes. Red, light blue and yellow have become my favorite color palette.

why am I telling you this? i dont know. i just feel that color should be celebrated and embraced i suppose. if you know that color absorbs my world, than i guess you'll understand me quite a bit more. what are your favorite color combinations?

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