baby birthdays & lovely people.

we had quite a busy weekend with our little family. Saturday we went out for a little bit of a late birthday dinner between nate and i. (my birthday was the first and this is the first time we've been alone lol!) Sunday was the adorable little Adalynn's first birthday! Now it's already decided that Conrad and she have a pre arranged marriage. She is just the cutest little girl in the world! I love her to death! I handmade a few hair clips and headbands for her birthday that turned out well for my first real whack at it.

Conrad cloud watching! It always makes me happy to see Conrad so social and making people laugh but at the same time being a little shy and playing by himself. I'm a proud momma.

A lot of old friends were at the party that have been very missed! It was so great to see everyone! Our friends Chase & Allie even brought me a late birthday present that i am in LOVE with.

Photo 495

Could there be a better gift? Thanks Chase & Allie! I can't wait to feel this up with great memories, dreams and inspiration. I'm definitely thinking about starting a 21 before i'm 22 list like Elsie did and posted about. It's a lovely way to set goals! I find that I dont accomplish what I want if I dont make a mental list and have the gratification of seeing that goal crossed off the list. (Hence my dry erase board for daily chores etc).

well tata for now. hope everyone had a lovely weekend! yay for turkey coming soon!

kat ann

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