fetish friday.

its been an eventful morning. found out some good news on the house we're wanting to get. hopefully we'll be moving in very very soon! so excited! thankfully its in need of a paint job, therefore i get to customize it. woo. =) so on that note... here's some of my favorite home decor things/colors/ideas.

ill finally be able to do what i want for conrads room. a light blue, orange and pea green color scheme with lots of vintage and retro goodness. I particularly LOVE this room. robots? of course!


1949 yellow bathroom

1949 bathroom

im in love with all these color palettes. so excited to start!

something im also excited about is my hometowns county fair, which has been going on this week. i'm excited to take conrad this weekend in the midst of all the moving madness. hopefully ill see some sweet old faces. =) carnivals/fairs are so fun. aside from the ridiculous cost, the lights and atmosphere are so fun.

everyone have a safe and happy weekend. =)

a yellow kitchen. for sure. =)

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