So it's been quite a while.

So it's been quite a while aye? I've been quite tied up with trying to find a new job and getting ready to move! It's amazing the ways that God works. Sometimes on the surface things may seem lost of all hope, but really underneath its a blessing in disguise. didn't you miss my lack of correct punctuation and ability to capitalize anything haha?

first things first, another new addition to the family: meet tiger lily. she's a feisty little thing. she and squid are best friends now. its adorable.

Photo 252

conrads birthday came and went and i was relieved to have it done with. it was a success and the heat wasnt too bad, the wind was a different story. it destroyed most of the table decorations and marshmallow pops melted all over the place, but it was a great turn out. =)

we're moving! very sudden and crazy but i'm excited! we'll be living with my parents for a couple of weeks til we can everything with the house we're wanting situated and i'm hoping that that goes smoothly because this new house means that I would have an office/studio and that conrad will have a big backyard and that nate will have a garage/man cave. so everyone wins! once all this is taken care of i'll hopefully be back to updating regularly.

in the meantime check out what ive been obsessing over: matt & kim. phenomenal happy day music. if im stressed i put them on the playlist and just dance in the living room when no one is watching.

Now I don't know if theyre a couple or not but they are two adorable people. =)

so ta ta. hopefully next time i'll be writing from my new office? feel free to donate to that cause haha. love you all.

kat ann

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  1. i wondered where you had been !
    im looking for a job and probably moving soon too :)
    sounds like your new place will be amazing! youll get to do all kinds of decorating and a new studio sounds so exciting