Day of Adventuring

My kind of adventuring is:
Digging through antique and thrift stores....
This particular antique store that I went to I hadn't been to in years.
They have a lovely array of cameras including a few I'm considering going back for!
They also had a upstairs of all furniture but it was so darn hot with no AC upstairs (and a bit creepy honestly)
I decided to look again on another day.
Trying out new coffee shops/snow cone stands...
Exploring a book store....
And trying out a new recipe of course! I cooked REAL mexican enchiladas
with tres leche cake for dessert. My boyfriend is originally from Mexico so I wanted surprise him.

I had to the whole day to myself (with Nini of course!) and decided to just take it easy and do things
 I enjoy doing. I found a great book that has given me tons on inspiration and motivation
to conquer a few new projects I have in my head. Can't wait to make more things happen.
Slowly but surely I'm making it to where I want to be creatively.  =)

What things do you do in your spare time to just relax and get inspired?

ta ta for now. =)

kat ann


  1. Look at all those turquoise dishes!! My favorite!
    HOw did the tres leches cake turn out? it sounds delicious. On my free days i love to go get a coffee or tea from the shop close to my house, take a hot bath and read a book. Today has been a lazy day-but no coffee today-it was over 105 degrees so i stayed in the house all day long!

  2. Wow, those orange tumblers are beautiful! Looks like you had a lot of fun.
    Laura xo