Austin, how i love you.

We arrived back home Sunday evening from Austin. it was wonderful. =) we did lots of window shopping (because i extremely disappointed at how over priced everything was) and went hiking and kayaking! Of course we spent quite a bit of time (and money) on sixth street as well. lol.

The greatest thing about Austin, aside from the obvious food, music, and fashion, is the atmosphere. The people are so chill and inviting and will bend over backwards to help you.  Every corner is covered in beautiful art, interesting people, unique things to buy or fun things to do. Everyone we met and talked to was friendly and generally just great to be around. Anytime we needed directions or asked someone a place to eat or whatever, they'd look it up on their phone for us or print us out directions or even take us there.

My sister in law has a friend that manages a bar and she took us to a great little place to eat and a have a beer. It was a bar and behind it there was a courtyard with its own food trailer that served some food that I was a bit scared to try but I ended up with a Thai chicken meal that was AMAZING. The place  was like a little hidden secret in Austin.

well ta ta for now. i've got lots of catching up to do!
kat ann


  1. I love that blue on you. It looks great!

  2. oh my goodness, i love so many things about this post! i la la love that floral bag, that bar code type thing on the wall, your mocassins are freaking adorable and that dress looks amazing! :) so cute!

  3. Did Echo have you try the curry buns at that food trailer? They are one of the best, most interesting things I've ever tasted. That and the chicken with the jasmine rice. Good stuff. So glad you guys had fun. I love love LOVE Austin!!!

  4. no! sounds good though. i tried one of her fried beets and it wasnt my cup of tea though lol.