adventures in branding

Here are a few images, inspiration boards, and collages... (okay let's face it, i made a bit of a design "look book") as proof that i'm accomplishing SOMETHING design wise. it's taken me MONTHS to feel like I've been making any progress because I haven't found anything that's FELT right yet. i've been aimlessly designing so to speak. I'll go further into detail about this particular design process in an upcoming "Letters to Art" post.

you can check out my new look for my web site to see a tad bit of my recent adventures in personal branding. Although I'm sure this isn't 100% my permanent place, I'm very comfortable with what has come and where it will lead.

and yes, that is a button that says "shop". i've been keeping the secret for a little while because i wasn't sure if it would happen or not. but i finally decidded to make the plunge into the etsy world. my shop isnt up yet, but it will be soon.

anyhoo its back to the day job part of my life. 1 more day until austin!

tata for now.

kat ann

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