should i become a sheep herder?

Here a peak of a current work in progress. i've been OBSESSED with working with cardboard and brown paper!!

so happy to be off work today and tomorrow and have an extensive list of things I want to accomplish (house clean, business cards for my dad, etc)... we'll see how far i get on that list, but i've been so inspired lately by so many things.  i've been a busy bee in my sketchbook. maybe i just wont go back into work thursday? i think that's what i should do! i'm sure nate feels differently. ha.

need something that reeks of cuteness?  well here's some pictures of oscar. its ridiculous how much he has changed and opened up. (aside from him constantly trying to go outside.) our dog buckley and he play like they're both dogs. its adorable!

today a friend of mine posted this video on facebook. it makes sheep herding look kind of magical haha. although im a bit skeptical of the legitimacy of a few parts, its still awesome.

well ta ta for now folks. -kat ann


  1. your kitty is cute!!!
    love your blog!

  2. oh my goodness! your cat is ADORABLE!! I am your new follower! hope to be friends :)

    love, polly :):)

  3. thanks for stopping by polly! im down for making new friends any day!