Dallas World Aquarium

A couple of weeks ago Conrad and I took a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was a blast for both of us. He was so stoked about everything. It blew his mind. =) It's so much fun to see your kid so excited about something.


im proud to finally be able to say that i bought katcurling.com and am in the process of getting the site together. its a tiny but monumental step for me in getting where i need to be and want to be... but no matter what i do i still feel unfulfilled (creatively, emotionally, personally blah blah). all i can think of doing is just making things and creating and no matter what i do its not good enough and i have to keep doing more. its not very satisfying. i need to have more confidence in what i do. so this week ill be working myself to death and racking my brain trying to get a portfolio together.

anyhoo conrad and i are off for some fresh air and adventuring!

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