off off.

off work that is. =) for the next two days that is.  and so is my hubby. very exciting! we went and had our taxes done and then went by the animal shelter and found the cutest little puppy! his name now is officially Buckley! He's the sweetest, most playful little guy. Squid isn't exactly thrilled but, she'll live.

We're in the car shopping market right now until our income tax comes in. I've got my eye on a certain car... okay basically I found my dream car, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. I might die of happiness if I get it though.

Texas is due for snow AGAIN tomorrow so Nate may end up being off with me again tomorrow. Hopefully its not too bad because i have hair appointment tomorrow and i'm getting bangs! its a very important day lol. Anyhooo.. I'm off to feed my addiction to my new wii fit. =)


kat ann

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  1. oh my gosh!!!!!! okay buckley, i am in LOVE! you must be having the best time with him. so good you have some time off to enjoy it. hope squid can deal ; )

    good lucks on the tax return and new bangs! ♥