fetish friday- hello again. =)

hello again. its been a bit, but here i am again. work has been busy and i have great news! I got a new car finally! yay! it feels great to be mobile again. I wanted an XB but ended up getting a TC instead. woohoo! all the local thrift stores better watch out for me. this means, a much over due trip to austin and missouri soon! =)

so for this weeks fetish friday I have a few goodies. this morning on the the dainty squid kayla posted this picture of a whale house via moxette and i nearly passed out haha. its so great!

BBQ. what i love most about texas and/or summer is BBQ!! (i apologize this picture might be graphic if you are a vegetarian lol) We had bbq sandwhiches on valentines day and i've been wanting it since. can't wait for it to warm up.

flat faced kittys! nate and i have been thinking about getting another cat and he insists on a persian (flat faced) type. lol they're so silly.

and current obsession: Spartacus: God's of the Arena. I have an extremely weak spot for ANYTHING set in the roman/greek period. this show is amazing.. and quite graphic lol. definitely not rated PG.

LOVE these hooks from anthropologie:

found via apartment therapy.

well that's about it for this week. this girls got errands to run and exploring to do before work! sometime soon i'll have to show a peak of some of the art i've been working on. hint: its tenacly. hahaa. tata hope everyone has a lovely safe weekend

kat ann

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