wardrobe wishlist: handmade summer one pieces

1// Golden Retro Swimsuit by Kooj
2// Charlene Black Halter Swimsuit
3// Victorian Polka Dot Swim Dress also by Kooj

I'm not going to lie I've had my plate full these past weeks getting ready to move. (We move tomorrow!) I hope you enjoy these as much as me! I've never been much of a swimsuit gal because I've always been extremely insecure with showing my body, even in high school when i looked good, but this year I don't care. These are too cute not to wear! Anyone have any big plans for the summer? I feel a vacation somewhere in the works for me =) Hope everyone's week is so far so good ! take care!

kat ann

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  1. OOo!! I really like the gold, black and white one!

    Cute blog! Come check out mine! I'm following your blog, hope you will follow mine too! :)