will bryant. i think i love you.

ive been doing lots of hunting and research lately preparing to go back to school and to start doing design work again and came across an amazing artist who inspires me in a million+ plus ways. not to mention, he makes want to move to austin even more. =)

meet will bryant.

His illustration, design and art work is AMAZING. i could only hope to be a smiggen (sp?) of his greatness one day. I like the indian/aicd tripping style of his illustrations. His artwork gives me an overall "happy" feeling. i love that. I like that his motto on his site is "I make things because I get sad if I don't." It's badass seeing people who are doing things that you want to one day and being so successful at it. Mad props to you sir.

Find his blog here. It's full of all kinds of goodies.

well its off to slave away at butt kissing lol. ta ta folks.

kat ann.

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