spilling ink and love is now GYPSY BEARD .
thanks you for being a reader and i hope to bring you more loveliness in the new location.

kat ann


last week we/busy bee.

I've been away for a little over a week but for good reasons... I'm hoping to make a move with the blog very soon and just start over new. I've debated making the move for a long time because this blog just hasn't been going where I want it to and I just want to start new. Check back for a new URL. =)

in the meantime we've been up to NO GOOD having fun and enjoying things more.

The past two weeks we:
cooked amazing barbecue for the first time.
went to the water park and got a little red.
found some pretty vintage dresses. (not in my size boo!!)
went to the county fair. *sigh*
had to attend a funeral (never fun)
got together a workspace finally (thanks to my sweet man)
did some logo work for a friend.
(it feels good to finally get to include some design work on my "last week we" posts.)
watched a really great French/English movie called For Lovers Only.
It's on instant netflix if you have it. I love movies like this. Sometimes to watch when I'm alone
and sometimes to just let play while I'm doodling or on the computer.
did a lot of relaxing and just enjoying each other.

well next time you read hopefully it will be from our new home. stay tuned! =)

kat ann


In Love: Charm School Vintage

I visited Charm School Vintage last year on my trip to Austin and LOVED it.
Not only is it fun to shop there, but their photos they post on facebook and pinterest
are so utterly inspiring. Can't wait to go back!

kat ann